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12 Funny Comics Reveal The Reality Of Owning A Cat

Cat owners have a history of relating to each another through comics (Lunarbaboon, Catsu). One of them is Missangest or as she calls herself, the Crazy Cat Lady from Sweden. And given the fact that Missangest has been a freelance artist since 2012, she definitely knows her stuff!

“Nils is a shelter cat that I adopted a little more than 7 years ago,” the Missangest told Bored Panda. “In the beginning, he was a bit withdrawn and used to hide underneath the furniture just to suddenly jump out and bite your feet (behaviour probably learned from his past as he used to be kicked on before he was taken to the shelter). But with time and patience, he stopped both biting and hiding. Now he’s just like a cat should be – the king of the house. He especially likes to sit on my lap and place his upper body over the drawing tablet while I attempt to work.”

And that’s the reason why Missangest loves cats in the first place. “They are so tiny and so fluffy, yet have the personality of a lion. They can also be rude but they are so darn cute that they keep getting away with it.” Her fascination with these majestic furballs really shines through her illustrations. “It’s not something I do often, I don’t want to force it so I’ll just do it whenever I have any ideas that I think are worth trying out.

“Nils is a shelter cat that I adopted a little more than 7 years ago”












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